Conoscenti is a boutique forum for Executive Assistants to Chief Executive Officers, with membership by invitation only. Currently we have approximately 26 members. The Conoscenti Executive Committee meets regularly to consider new membership nominations.

If you would like to be considered for membership please complete the membership application form below.


Membership criteria has been established to assist the committee with determining the appropriate cultural fit between Conoscenti and your organisation.

Each member will commit to participate in at least five Conoscenti events per calendar year of their membership irrespective of location of any function.


You bring positive energy to the membership.


You actively network with other members. You support decision making. You behave in a gracious, grateful and co-operative manner to all suppliers, hosts and members at all times. Being conscious that sometimes we are in situations where it is best to say nothing.


You are trusted. You follow through on commitments.


You behave professionally at all times. Your confidentiality is beyond reproach. You are representative of your organisation and Conoscenti.

Code of Conduct

The Conoscenti Code of Conduct aligns our Values, Criteria and Objectives and puts them into action.

Our Values

  • We take pride in ourselves, Conoscenti and our organisation.
  • We treat others with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.
  • We value the confidentiality and privacy of others.
  • We encourage diversity and maintain an environment free from discrimination or harassment.
  • Our professional and personal competence and integrity underpins our reputation. We uphold that reputation.
  • We meet our contractual obligations under the Conoscenti membership.

Our Responsibilities

The Code of Conduct defines how we should behave and conduct ourselves in a wide range of situations. It is the responsibility of each Conoscenti member to follow the Code of Conduct consistently and appropriately and to help others to do so.

We are encouraged to raise issues and concerns to the Conoscenti Committee in the first instance.

To assist in ascertaining if an action is not aligned with our Code of Conduct, below is a summary of questions for consideration:

  • Is it against Conoscenti values?
  • Will it reflect negatively on you, Conoscenti or your organisation?
  • Does it feel right?
  • Who else could be affected by this?
  • Would you be embarrassed if others knew?
  • Is there an alternative course of action that does not pose a conflict?

Membership Application Form

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Terms & Conditions

I accept my responsibility to abide by the Conoscenti Code of Conduct to represent my Company, Conoscenti and my personal brand to the upmost standard.
I have my Company’s support for participation and will commit to attend a minimum of five Conoscenti events which I am invited to during a calendar year irrespective of location and whether online or in person.
I have read and understood the appendix to this form relating to our Values, Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct.
I agree to any images of me, taken at Conoscenti events in 2022, to be used for marketing purposes on the Conoscenti website or social media channels.
I agree that if the annual membership fee of $480+GST is not paid by the due date, Conoscenti reserve the right to cancel the membership & I will not have access to any online membership benefits.
In the event of a change of job (as Conoscenti membership is owned by the company) I agree that I will inform the company that I am Ieaving, that my replacement is eligible to apply to use the remaining membership for the calendar year (subject to approval by Conoscenti) & that the remaining membership is not refundable.
I agree for Conoscenti to celebrate my birthday day (not age or birth-year) within the closed group on social media
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